Jul 9

Photo by Wolfgang Hasselmann on Unsplash

they tell me to slow down and

i speed up in defiance.

the language of languid

is not one i can learn, as

that would require i leave

who i am in favor of lovers

and i don’t do that


i hear that protecting your peace

involves pausing your…



Apr 2

Photo by Ash Saribekyan on Unsplash

i soar high like a kite and i beg the night

to tell me how to rekindle my own light.

the concept of thinking i’m more than alright

renders me affright — which is to say self-love

is an unfamiliar site i register as an unsafe plight.

how do i…



Apr 1

Photo by thom masat on Unsplash

i remember how daunting the decision of a major back in my collegiate years felt.

you’re asked to decide overnight and sign on the dot, committing to a concept when you don’t even know all that you encompass yet.

i had a dream where diplomas looked like nothing more than…



Alayna Doyal

Alayna Doyal

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