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i replace my analog with a

twenty-four-hour digital timepiece

because it makes me feel like i have

double the amount of time with you.

i’m frightened by the idea

that one day, the big and little hands of

my life will stop spinning, just like

the ones that once denoted



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he presses a


cigarette to the

nape of my

neck to re-

mind me he

thinks that

i am at his



i snicker at

the ideology

that i am any

one’s for the

keeping. i

see him in

passing and

i do not act

less passive.




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i grew up in the city

and the suburbs, which

exposed me to experiences

unlike and dissimilar to mine.

but one truth across the board

is that adults seem to like to hoard

the tenacity for a lack of propensity

pertaining to common decency.

i do not have the capacity



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i soar high like a kite and i beg the night

to tell me how to rekindle my own light.

the concept of thinking i’m more than alright

renders me affright — which is to say self-love

is an unfamiliar site i register as an unsafe plight.

how do i…



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i remember how daunting the decision of a major back in my collegiate years felt.

you’re asked to decide overnight and sign on the dot, committing to a concept when you don’t even know all that you encompass yet.

i had a dream where diplomas looked like nothing more than…



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they tell me to slow down and

i speed up in defiance.

the language of languid

is not one i can learn, as

that would require i leave

who i am in favor of lovers

and i don’t do that


i hear that protecting your peace

involves pausing your…



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i dream of fawns prancing in peony fields,

like bambi in the dense aura of evergreen trees.

when the sunlight focuses on the shrubbery

on the outskirts of my favorite town,

dew evaporates and so

do my worries.



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