the one who left first.

Alayna Doyal
Feb 26, 2021

a poem about parents who abandon their children.

Photo by Daniel Sandvik on Unsplash

when your head

hits your pillow in

the ominous mystery

of night,

do you count sheep

in an effort to fall asleep?

if so,

i hope you never

come across a lamb.

but if you do,

i hope you leave

it alone.

they are young and

naive and impressionable

and credulous and


which is to say

a lot like me

when i was


i’ve seen the lasting

impressions that you’ve

left upon me,

and nothing else innocent

deserves to be ruined

by you — would you


i hope it all

keeps you awake

in the dark.

i stay up myself

trying to erase

your mark.



Alayna Doyal

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